Why Zinn Title Agency?


The easy answer to this question might be “Why Not?” But the real more complete answer would be “Why not use Zinn Title, a title agency that has the expertise, experience, and desire to serve your needs?”

Centrally located in Berkeley Heights, ZINN TITLE AGENCY, LLC is a full service title insurance agency with long established relationships with abstractors, surveyors, and lending institutions throughout the State.

ZINN TITLE has issued thousands of residential and commercial title insurance commitments and issued policies in excess of $450 million.

Our staff has a total in excess of 100 years experience in title insurance and real estate. More importantly, we have never lost sight of the fact that what you need is prompt and reliable service.

ZINN TITLE stresses fact, accurate and personal service. When you call ZINN TITLE, you will actually speak to a licensed title insurance producer whose goal is to assist you in a timely and efficient manner. We want to meet your individual needs and earn your trust and confidence in the same way we have for the many attorneys, mortgage brokers and lenders that have used our services.